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Mobile Surveillance Officers

Being a Mobile Surveillance Officer (MSO) means every day is different. You could be out on foot or in a car, and where you are and what you are doing depends on who you are following and why. Blending into your surroundings you will gather information and intelligence that will feed directly into the operation you are working on. As a Mobile Surveillance Officer you will enjoy huge variety every day and know that you are helping to keep the country safe.

Experience and Training

You do not need any experience to do this role as we will teach you everything you need to know. You will have an initial training period where you will learn the basic skills required and during this time you will be matched up with an assessor who will support you through the process. When you have passed there are more training opportunities to enhance your skills and you will receive ongoing training to learn new or refresh your existing skills.

Once you start the role you will be assigned a one-to-one mentor who will be an experienced officer. They will help you complete your specialist training and will support you for at least six months as you settle into the role.


As a Mobile Surveillance Officer you have a huge network behind you and our teams research every situation to eliminate any potential risks. On a day to day basis you will always have immediate support as you work closely with colleagues both on the ground and back in the office. We have procedures and protocols in place to ensure your safety at all times.

Working Pattern

As a Mobile Surveillance Officer you will work shift patterns but you will know these well in advance which means that organising your personal life is made much easier.

Map Reading and Driving

Driving and navigating are a big part of the role and you will use these skills every day. Although you will need to be able to navigate between two points, and be comfortable driving on all road types, your map reading and driving skills will be developed and refined as part of your training course.

Work/Life Balance

Mobile Surveillance Officers work a shift pattern but you will know your shift pattern well in advance so that you are able to balance your personal and family commitments with your professional life. Due to the nature of our work it means that you can't take it home with you so when you leave the office you really do leave your work behind you.

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