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Administrative Officers

MI5’s mission is to keep the country and its people safe.  We work to protect the UK from threats to national security, including international terrorism and espionage.

Administrative Officers are at the very heart of MI5. Join us and you’ll be helping to protect the country. You’ll work across a variety of departments, each one offering a range of roles, diverse challenges and direct insight into our fascinating work – everything from tackling cyber to countering terrorism.  You could be organising critical meetings, managing information and records, booking travel, looking after visitors or providing essential support to our intelligence officers. Whatever the task, you’ll play a crucial part in ensuring our organisation runs smoothly.  In fact, we couldn’t operate without you.

Work-Life Balance

A common misconception is that due to the nature of what we do, there is no work-life balance at MI5. However it’s important to us that staff maintain their personal commitments and home-life, so where operations allow MI5 also offers flexible working, giving staff more choice in their working pattern.

Plus, we’re not able to take our work home with us, so when you leave the office, you really are leaving your work behind too.

Support and Environment

Whether you join us full or part-time, you’ll have plenty of opportunity to broaden and enhance your administrative skills.  From the outset, we offer a range of training courses and chances to develop your career.

As a new starter to MI5, you’ll be assigned a mentor to guide and support you.  On-the-job training will familiarise you with our systems and processes.

Teamwork and communication is essential to our work.  Everyone at MI5 is called by their first name, which means there is no hierarchy and makes it a really friendly place to work.

Discretion and Social Media

Due to the sensitive nature of our work, you will need to be very discreet.  However, even though you can’t tell your friends what you do, it doesn’t mean you can’t use social media or lead a normal life!

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Administrative Officers

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