The Role

At MI5, Intelligence Officers play an essential role in keeping the country safe. This makes for one of the most challenging, stimulating and rewarding careers you can imagine. As the country faces increased threats to national security, your role as an Intelligence Officer gives you the opportunity to protect the people, places, and communities that make up the UK.

What this Programme has to offer

On joining, you’ll complete one post in a role which will teach you different aspects of the work, provide you with vital experience, and understanding of how the organisation works, while developing relevant and transferable skills for a varied and fulfilling career.

When you're ready, you'll complete our comprehensive Investigative Skills Training (IST) course where you will alternate between classroom-based training and time with your first investigative team to consolidate your learning.

Upon successfully completing the IST course, as an accredited investigator you’ll be ready to take on  your first core role within one our teams in either Counter-Terrorism or Counter-Espionage. Here you’ll spend a minimum of two years working in the fascinating investigative capability.

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Starting Salary


We’re recruiting for London-based roles on the programme. Our starting salary is £34,414, rising to £37,203 after the first year.
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Work Life Balance


The wellbeing of our staff is incredibly important. There may be times when you need to work longer hours than usual, such as the crucial points during an investigation. However, if you do work longer hours, you will receive time off in lieu to ensure that you do not work excessive hours.
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Varied Career

You will explore different areas of the business both before and after your training, and develop relevant, transferable skills for a varied and fulfilling career.
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What we are looking for

There’s no one ‘type’ of person we recruit. We look for people from a range of backgrounds, with different insights and perspectives. To apply, you’ll need to have, or be expecting, a 2:2 (or higher) in any degree discipline or have permanent work experience where you have developed some of the skills and qualities required for success in the role.

You’ll be a team player and an effective communicator, able to build rapport and establish productive working relationships. With great organisational skills and attention to detail, you’ll trust your own judgement and have confidence making your own decisions. And of course, a high degree of honesty and integrity is a must.

Application Process

Throughout our recruitment process we will assess your skills against the requirements of all our Intelligence Development Programmes. This increases your chances of securing an exciting and rewarding career with MI5 and allows us to deploy the talented individuals that apply into the most suitable roles, maximising our capability to protect national security.