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Mandarin Chinese Language Opportunities

Your knowledge of Mandarin could open a fascinating career in intelligence.  By joining MI5, SIS or GCHQ you can play a key role in safeguarding the UK by helping to counter the latest threats, from terrorist and cyber attacks to organised crime.

The Agencies

MI5’s mission is to keep the country and its people safe.  We work to protect the UK from threats to national security, including from terrorism, espionage and cyber. SIS works overseas developing foreign contacts and gathering intelligence to counter terrorism, resolve international terrorism, resolve international conflict and help make the UK a more prosperous and safer place to live. GCHQ uses its expertise in technology and cyber to collect foreign intelligence which linguists translate and analyse to protect the UK from terrorism, hackers, espionage and proliferation.

Language Skills

Your language skills could have come from growing up in a multilingual family, from living or working abroad, or from studying Mandarin to a high level.  Along with other key skills, candidates for the Mandarin Language Intelligence Analyst role need to be able to demonstrate judgement, language proficiency and cultural knowledge.  We assess these skills at various stages of the recruitment process, including the language test. 

Click on the audio clip below to listen to a sample conversation 

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Grow and Develop

You’ll be working along-side like-minded people from a variety of backgrounds in an environment with a strong focus on learning and development.  You’ll be supported to enhance your skills further, for example there may be opportunities for language continuation classes. You’ll also receive full training on non-language aspects of the role.

Work-life balance

A common misconception is that due to the nature of what we do there is no work-life balance.  However it’s important to us that staff maintain their personal commitments and home-life, so where business needs allow we offer flexible working, giving staff more choice in their working patterns.  Plus, we’re not able to take our work home with us, so when you leave the office, you really are leaving your work behind too.

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