Digital Intelligence Operations

Technology careers that make a difference

Our digital intelligence operations teams work at the sharp end of MI5's technical intelligence gathering operations, using well-established, cutting edge and bespoke technologies to meet complex challenges in a digital age.

Working closely with investigators and more traditional collection teams you will play an integral role in helping us to collect and analyse intelligence from a wide range of digital sources to better understand and disrupt the threats from terrorism, espionage, cyber-attack, and those that seek to harm the UK's interests.

Most roles are desk-based but there are some where you could be working outside or collaborating with external partners and suppliers to achieve our aims. We're looking for people from a wide range of backgrounds and IT disciplines. Some roles you may be familiar with, some are unique to MI5. One thing we guarantee is whatever you do you will be making a difference.

We are all about technology with a purpose

A day in the life of a Covert Technical Operations Specialist

Covert Technical Operations Specialist

Ever since secondary school, I've enjoyed tackling new technology projects in my spare time. So studying computer science at university was a no-brainer for me.

And my passion for digging deeper into technology and exploring the edge of what's possible were two of the reasons I wanted to join MI5.

I haven't been disappointed. Life as a Covert Technical Operations Specialist is fast-moving and exciting; the technology in incredibly advanced.

And it has to be. Historically, the agency intercepted physical documents. Now we're conducting operations to access the computers and devices used by terrorists planning attacks, and always within our legal remit.

I have to explore and explain the risks. The technology terrorists are using is constantly changing. From SMS just five years ago they are now using a range of platforms to communicate and share information. Some use sophisticated encryption, so we have to think differently.

It means there's a lot of variety - you genuinely don't know what you're going to be working on each day.

It can get quite intense and sometimes I need to work odd hours, but I love my job and I get great training, as well as a good work/life balance.

And I know that what I'm doing has a real impact on keeping the country safe from terrorists, spies and other groups who want to harm the nation.

Why join MI5?

A career at MI5 is like no other.  Not only is it rewarding and unique but the variety here is like no-where else. It is this variety that means most people stay at MI5 as they are able to fulfil all their career ambitions here without ever having to leave.  We are also committed to rewarding the people who work for us and demonstrating our appreciation for their vital contribution by offering an excellent range of benefits.  And due to the nature of our work it means you can’t take it home with you, so when you leave the office you really do leave your work behind you, providing you with an excellent work-life balance. Whatever role you perform, you will be directly contributing to keeping the country safe.