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Graduates interested in a specialist career in data analysis can join our Intelligence and Data Analyst Development Programme (I&DADP). At MI5, we collect data that is complex and often incomplete.  Interpreting this is vital to the success of our investigations; therefore we have a dedicated team of data analyst experts.  Our structured two year programme covers the first part of this career path, placing you at the heart of MI5 investigations and training you up to use advanced data analytical techniques.

You will answer critical questions such as “who is using this mobile phone?”, “where are they located?” and “what are their activities?”. Interpreting data in a way that non-experts can understand is fundamental. At a tactical level you could be uncovering and mapping communications networks, or analysing geolocation data. You will also work on more strategic projects, looking at trends across our investigations or improving our techniques.

Our analysts move posts every three years, to gain experience in multiple areas. MI5 is a supportive environment. A healthy work-life balance is encouraged because of the intensive nature of our work and there is an emphasis on self-development. There are also opportunities to work outside of London throughout your career.

For this programme we require you to have a 2:2 degree or equivalent full-time work experience. Some people join us straight after graduation, while others have previous relevant experience. Whatever your background, you need to prove you can interrogate large data sets, evaluate the reliability of your findings and communicate them clearly.

Our graduate starting salaries are £30,817, rising to £33,316 after the first year.

Throughout our recruitment process we will also assess your skills against the requirements of all our Intelligence Development Programmes. This increases your chances of securing an exciting and rewarding career with MI5 and allows us to deploy the talented individuals that apply into the most suitable roles, maximising our capability to protect national security.




As you progress through the programme, you'll be able to take on postings in a range of different areas.

Investigative teams

Most of our analysts work in partnership with investigative teams in international counter-terrorism, Northern Ireland-related terrorism or counter-intelligence. They work with investigators and answer questions to drive intelligence forward, for example, by identifying individuals of interest, means of communication or opportunities for disruption.

Agent handling

These analysts support agent handling operations in a number of areas, identifying targets for recruitment and validating agent reporting.

Surveillance and technical operations

The focus here is on supporting the planning of operational deployments and surveillance, so that we can improve the safety, efficiency and quality of our operations.

Strategic analysis and capability development

It is vital that we keep pace with technological developments, and this team drives our innovation and capabilities forward. Its experts specialise in areas such as geospatial data and digital intelligence.

Training and mentoring

We have to make sure that our analysts have the knowledge and skills to answer the many diverse questions we receive. This team sets new analysts on the right development pathway, explaining how analysis operates in MI5 and introducing our tools and techniques. Supporting the continuing development and expanding skills of experienced analysts is an increasingly important area too.



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