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Intelligence Collection

Without covert intelligence we cannot investigate the threats facing the UK. Getting a key piece of intelligence from a phone call, a surveillance report or from a human source can illuminate a threat or change the course of an investigation, at times making the difference between a bomb going off or not. There are a range of roles at the forefront of our intelligence collection effort. Some require specific skills such as a language or technical aptitude; others are open to anyone who wants to join MI5 for an exciting and fast-paced career.

Types of jobs

  • Mobile Surveillance Officers
  • Operational Intelligence Officers
  • Covert Technical Operations Specialist

Covert Technical Operations Specialists

Our covert technical operation specialists take the lead in deploying a wide range of advanced MI5 technical capability to enable intelligence collection in fast paced and high profile investigations.  They play a key role in progressing investigations helping to develop methods that allow us access to the computers and devices used by terrorist groups that pose a serious threat to national security.

Operational Intelligence Officers

Our operational intelligence officers work covertly with agents who provide information  critical to protecting national security.  Agents are not employees of MI5 but people who have information relating to threats facing the UK that we would not otherwise have access to, such as about a terrorist network, or a foreign spy.  Operational intelligence officers recruit agents and build ongoing relationships with them in order to provide intelligence to feed into investigations.

Mobile Surveillance Officers

Our mobile surveillance officers follow subjects who have been identified by intelligence officers as potential threats to national security. They observe people and places, either by foot, vehicle or on public transport. In this role you will be operating in a wide range of environments so it is vital that you are able to blend into the background and remain covert at all times.

Mobile Surveillance

Join us as a Mobile Surveillance Officer at MI5 and help keep people across the UK safe.

As a valued member of a diverse team, you’ll follow subjects of national security investigations by foot and by car. Your observation skills, quick thinking and ability to fit into your environment mean you’ll be able to make a big contribution.

We have developed some tasks that reflect the nature of the work of our Mobile Surveillance Officers to enable you to assess your suitability for the role. Take this challenge to check your observation skills and ability to recall detail. When you have finished, try the map reading exercise on the next page.

We are currently in the process of developing a non-flash version of this quiz. If you do not have Adobe Flash Player installed, you can download a free copy  so that you can try our challenge now. Alternatively, our updated version which will be online soon.

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