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Technology Graduate Development Programme

What this Programme has to offer

Developing core applications. Creating innovative solutions. Meeting business needs. These are just some of the ways our technology professionals are helping to protect the nation. If you have the ability to work collaboratively, communicate clearly and use technology to solve complex challenges, you could soon be contributing to our pioneering IT department.

TGDP is a structured two-year programme that gives you the experience, knowledge and skills you need to be an effective technology professional in our pioneering IT department. We feel it is important that you have an opportunity to learn and experience some of the career paths open to you. On joining the programme, you will have the opportunity to work in a number of different roles to broaden your skills and experience.

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Starting Salary


Our Central London starting salary is £37,396, rising to £40,428 after one year. Greater Manchester starting salary is £35,283, rising to £38,143 after one year.

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Work Life Balance


You can’t take the work home with you, so once you leave the office your time is your own.

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Career Growth

£5,000 is provided to the candidates to be used over two years to contribute towards personal development.


You will cover a diverse range of activities to support the delivery of our Project, Programme and Portfolio objectives. You will build your ability in stakeholder management, implementing project plans, and applying structured processes and methodologies to successfully take projects to completion. This role will equip you with the skills and qualifications to grow in this profession.

You will work as part of a multi-disciplinary product team, to build and run secure applications and products that drive our investigations, analysis and corporate functions.  Our tech stacks vary between products, including Java or C# for back-end systems and JavaScript for our front-end, employing frameworks such as React.js.  We also make use of cloud technologies such as AWS and Azure.  Whatever you work on it will be unique, varied, and will have a direct and rewarding impact on the success of our organisations.

Day to day you will work with stakeholders to understand problems, draw up requirements on an ideal outcome and help design a solution to reach that outcome.

You will develop knowledge and skills that will equip you to understand, manage, and mitigate the risk of our critical data and services being disclosed, altered, or denied access to. You will research, understand and design security controls for systems and services, develop architecture patterns and security approaches to new technologies. You will also communicate security risk across technical and non-technical stakeholders enabling informed decisions to be made about business direction and priorities.

You will incorporate experience design into every stage of product development, delivering highly usable products that delight end-users. Providing unique insight into prioritising areas for change, focussing on the way users interact with products, or development captivating visual concepts, you will be at the heart of designing MI5's future mission capabilities.

You will develop your understanding of data and your problem-solving skills to help us to use data more effectively to solve some of the mission’s hardest problems. You’ll represent our Data Office in discussions with specialists in technology and product areas, and work with other agencies to establish standard ways of working that deal with some of the community’s most strategic issues.

You will apply a variety of data science and machine learning techniques in order to extract insights from unstructured data at scale. You will work as part of a multi-disciplinary team in order to optimise, scale and deploy machine learning capabilities to the organisation across both mission and corporate teams.

You will work as part of a multi-disciplinary product team, to build and run secure data products and data flows that enable the analysis of data, using our investigations and tooling to improve our developer experience.  You will also learn the concepts of data profiling so that you can translate, implement, and deliver data models. Our tech stacks vary between our data products (such as Commercial-off-the-shelf products, Oracle, MongoDB, Elastic Search and Hadoop).  We also make use of cloud technologies such as AWS and Azure.

Security Engineering is where Software Engineering meets Cyber Security.  You will work with software teams to help them embed best security practice into their product development processes from design to operations, providing information and cyber security advice to engineers, keeping them up to date on the latest cyber risks and how to defend against them. You will liaise closely with colleagues in Information & Cyber Security teams to develop rapid and pragmatic solutions to technical challenges such as viruses and malware which would otherwise impact MI5's operations.

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What we are looking for

To join the Technology Graduate Development Programme, you will have a passion for technology and have (or be expecting) a 2:2 (or higher) by September 2023 in a Science, Technology, Engineering or Mathematics (STEM) subject. We are keen to hear from you, whatever your background. We want to hear from people with many different views and experience of the world. We believe that diverse teams get the best results. We celebrate open minds and attitudes.

Application Process

Throughout our recruitment process we will assess your potential to perform in one of our key technology areas within MI5.

Application Stage

This will test your eligibility and involve answering competency questions

Situational Judgment Test

These scenario questions will enable us to assess your judgement and how closely this aligns with our values and key behaviours for the scheme

Video Interview

The video interview will test your motivation and include some competency questions

Assessment Centre

The assessment centre will consist of competency interviews and role play exercises