MI5 - Security Service

Check your skills

We have designed some tests to enable you to assess your suitability for a role using your language at MI5. The tests reflect the nature of some of the work of our Foreign Language Analysts, Mandarin Intelligence Analysts and Russian Analysts, who listen to lawfully intercepted phone calls made by the targets of our investigations.

Analyst with headphones transcribing a conversation.

You’ll use your judgement, language skills and cultural knowledge to decide between those calls that are important and those calls that are not, and transcribe your findings in clear and succinct written English to help further investigations.

You can listen to audio clips in the languages below and try to answer some questions on the information presented by the speaker.

The clips do not reflect the full complexity of the challenges offered by our analyst roles but they are indicative of the type of skills successful candidates should be comfortable using on a routine basis. If you are able to understand the audio material and answer the questions correctly you may be suitable for a role using your language at MI5.

To find out more about how you can use your language, read Nadia’s ‘day in the life’ story. You can check the languages for which we are currently recruiting on our current jobs site. You can also register your interest in vacancies in other languages that we expect to be recruiting for shortly on our upcoming jobs page.

Woman walking through a corridor.