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If your information relates to an imminent threat to life or property, please contact the police on 999 or the police Anti-terrorist Hotline on 0800 789 321.

Please do not use this form to submit queries about the recruitment process or your application for a job at MI5. Please contact the Recruitment Office on 0845 450 2152 or careers@recruitmentoffice.org.uk who will be able to help you.

Enter your message (1,800 characters max) in the box below and then click "Send". If you would like a reply, make sure you also provide your email address. All messages will be read, though we cannot promise to respond to all of them.

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To knowingly provide false or malicious information to the authorities is a serious offence which if proven can result in a prosecution or imprisonment.

Please enter all of the information you have about the threat, which may include names, places, dates, how you obtained the information and any other details you believe would help us in addressing the threat.

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