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MI5 101

This mission will test how much you know about MI5, what we do, and our history. Get five correct answers in a row to move onto the next mission.


This mission will test your analysis and communication skills. You’ll be asked to decipher coded messages sent by your agent in emojis. Crack the four encrypted messages to move on to the next mission.

Intelligence Debrief

This mission will put your memory and judgement skills to the test. You’ll have ten seconds to look at some items of interest to an investigation, and will then be asked a series of questions based on what you saw.

Intelligence Debrief

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Hilda Matheson image with rainbow background

This February MI5 is proud to be marking LGBT+ History Month. In keeping with this year’s 'art' theme,...

MI5, along with SIS and GCHQ, has published its Gender Pay Gap report for 2021.