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MI5 marks Armistice Day 2022

MI5 marks Armistice Day 2022

Armistice Day wreath

Staff at MI5 have today joined people around the UK to remember the sacrifice of those who lost their lives protecting this country and its allies.

Director General Ken McCallum led the short service of remembrance at Thames House, MI5’s London headquarters. The service was broadcast digitally for staff, who could also pay their own personal tributes on a virtual ‘Wall of Remembrance.’

Ken McCallum said: “Today we honour those who have fallen through the generations for the protection of the United Kingdom and its allies.  Amid the horror of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, it is right we take a moment to reflect on conflict past and present.”

MI5 was active during both the First and Second World Wars, playing a key role in combating espionage, intercepting communications, and feeding back disinformation.

This included double-cross operations in advance of the D-Day landings, which convinced the enemy that the landings would take place at Calais rather than Normandy. 

11 November 2022


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