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MI5 publishes 2018 Gender Pay Gap report

Today MI5, along with SIS and GCHQ, has published its Gender Pay Gap report for the first time.

Although the intelligence agencies aren't bound to disclose the figures, we are doing so as part of our commitment to be transparent where we can do so.

As of 31 March 2018, 42% of staff at MI5 were female. The gender pay gap shows the difference in the average pay between men and women across the entire organisation. In MI5 the mean pay for men is 9.8% higher than for women. This is not the same as equal pay issues where men and women are paid different levels for carrying out the same or similar jobs of equal value - there is no evidence of this in MI5.

Director General Andrew Parker said:

Our people are our greatest asset and it's vital that all staff are treated equally and that they can flourish. In publishing these figures, we are rightly holding ourselves to account for continuing to make progress on gender equality. MI5 is fully committed to nurturing female talent. While there is of course still more to do, I'm proud of the positive steps we have taken to ensure a fair workplace for all. I'm also exceptionally proud of the work that women in MI5 do every day to keep the country safe.

MI5 has numerous initiatives to support women in the workplace. These include an "Inspiring Women Leaders programme" which provides targeted development and mentoring opportunities to women aspiring to work in senior management roles. Last year we exceeded a target of having 35% of Senior Civil Servant roles filled by women. This year MI5 was again named by The Times as a Top 50 Employer for Women.

The full Gender Pay Gap report can be read here.

19 December 2018


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