Joint State Threats Assessment Team

Who are the Joint State Threats Assessment Team?

A building seen from across the riverThe Joint State Threats Assessment Team (JSTAT) was established in June 2017 and is based within MI5. 

JSTAT's role

JSTAT is a cross-departmental assessment organisation that provides analysis on the state threats to the UK and its people and to UK interests overseas. They assess the national security threat posed by activities such as espionage, assassination, and interference in our democracy, and threats to the UK’s economic security. 

JSTAT provides assessment for a wide range of government departments. 


JSTAT officers come from a wide range of government departments, bringing a diverse set of skills and understanding.  Like other assessment bodies, including the Joint Terrorism Assessment Centre, JSTAT reports to a governance board comprising senior officials from across the UK intelligence community and wider policy departments, with the Director General of MI5 having ultimate responsibility for the organisation.