How can you play a part?

“Everyone can play a part in keeping themselves and the country safe. Find out more about joining MI5 below, or get advice about general security within the UK and if you’re travelling abroad.”

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How you can help us

We’re responsible for protecting the UK against threats to national security, such as terrorism. If you know something about a threat to national security, that could be of value to our work or could it make a difference to keeping the community safe, we want to hear from you.

What to look for

The terrorist threat is serious and ongoing. Members of the public can help to prevent terrorism by being alert to possible suspicious activities. Terrorists have to live somewhere, and they need to plan and prepare for attacks. They buy and store materials, fund their activities, move around, prepare equipment and weapons and possibly undergo training. They may have people helping them - and these people might come and go at strange times of the day and night.

More on what to look for
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Emergency planning

Emergencies cover a wide range of situations. This includes not just man-made events such as terrorist attacks but also natural and accidental events such as foot and mouth outbreaks, industrial accidents and flooding. Responding to emergencies is usually the task of a number of agencies, including local authorities. In most instances, the police or one of the other emergency services will lead the response.

MI5 has a unique need to embrace diversity

An in-depth knowledge and understanding of a variety of communities is crucial for our work. So it’s important our staff come from a breadth of backgrounds and cultures to reflect the people we work hard to protect.

of our staff are under the age of 40


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Business Security

Terrorism is a major threat for businesses. Terrorist groups may seek to cause harm to the economy as a whole by attacking business premises or they may seek to attack specific businesses to advance their political agendas.

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Terrorism is a worldwide threat. Terrorist groups abroad have been known to attack foreigners and places where foreign visitors may gather, such as hotels, transport systems, nightlife areas and landmarks.

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Join MI5

By joining MI5 you can contribute directly to keeping the country safe. Our employees are at the cutting edge of news events, help stop terrorist attacks on our streets, protect the UK’s secrets and prevent cyber attacks. Could you work for MI5?


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Fact or Fiction

Terrorism is the biggest current threat to national security