Application Architects at MI5

Our Application Architects are crucial to our work, as they develop flexible, innovative and dynamic solutions. We are looking for forward thinking, experienced Application Architects to join a successful team of broad skilled architects, working within a dynamic and fast-moving environment.

Who we are looking for

We need passionate leaders in the technology world who are excited to take the initiative, be creative and drive engineering change across the intelligence agencies. You should have experience of successful application design and integration in large scale enterprise organisations. You will need strong communication skills to explain the impact of application architecture to the business and technical community, and the desire to work collaboratively by sharing ideas and experience across the wider architecture team. You will need to understand distributed architectures and be experienced in agile delivery methods, preferably with two years or more experience in a DevOps or Agile environment.

It’s great that I don’t get calls when I’m on holiday anymore! I really feel appreciated in the work I’m doing here.

Work-Life Balance

A common misconception is that due to the nature of what we do, there is no work-life balance at MI5. However it’s important to us that staff maintain their personal commitments and home-life, so where operations allow MI5 also offers flexible working, giving staff more choice in their working pattern.

Plus, we’re not able to take our work home with us, so when you leave the office, you really are leaving your work behind too.