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Vetting Officers

Owing to the sensitive nature of our work all members of staff are required to have the highest security clearance required for government positions, called Developed Vetting (DV).  The aim of vetting is to ensure that the character and personal circumstances of an individual are such that they are suitable to hold DV. Vetting Officers are key to this process, empathetic and organised, they encourage individuals to open up about personal, sensitive matters, in a confidential environment, remaining unbiased and professional at all times.  Ultimately they provide recommendations on whether someone should hold DV.  It’s all part of keeping the country safe.

Joint Working

MI5 and MI6 help protect the UK and UK interests from threats to national security at home and abroad.  We work against everything from terrorism and espionage, to cyber threats and sabotage.  In this role you will work across both organisations which means that you will have an interesting and varied caseload, whilst becoming part of the wider intelligence community.


In this role you will need to put individuals at ease, build rapport and encourage them to open up to you about personal, sensitive issues. You will need great  people and communication skills and be an excellent listener, able to assess the significance of what you hear.  Whilst no formal qualifications are required you will need experience in interviewing or be used to eliciting information from a diverse range of people.  You will also need to convey your recommendations succinctly and clearly in written reports, providing recommendations on whether someone should hold DV.

Work-Life Balance

The sensitive nature of what we do means that you are not able to take your work home with you, so when you leave the office you really are leaving your work behind you.

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