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An internship at MI5 is like no other. Here you'll enjoy a summer of discovery and responsibility. It is a challenge that calls for individuals from a range of backgrounds with different skills and knowledge. With the support and guidance from colleagues across the organisation, the work you do will develop these skills and contribute to keeping the country safe. Our internships are designed to give you an amazing insight to how we work.

While you are with us, we offer pro-rata annual leave, which means you will get 5 days off, plus a competitive salary. And of course you'll be free to enjoy organisation-wide events where you can learn and network.

Take this opportunity - and make the first step towards an exciting fulltime career.

We offer two internships:


Summer Diversity Intelligence Internship

What will you do?

Over 11 weeks, you will help us investigate and disrupt international terrorism. You'll learn how front-line operations are run, piece together intelligence and create a picture of possible threats. There will also be the chance to create strategies, explain risks to a range of audiences and work as part of a close-knit multi-disciplinary team. By the end of the placement, you will understand how we protect national security.

Who do we look for?

We are after inquisitive problem solvers with real enthusiasm, team spirit, and a love of learning; individuals who enjoy working collaboratively and want to make a positive impact.

The internship is open to individuals in their penultimate year of university, and from a Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic background, with a socially or economically disadvantaged background.

Your future at MI5

When you complete your internship, you will be invited to apply for a permanent position with us as an Intelligence Officer on our Intelligence Officer Development Programme (IODP). The competitive selection process will take place during the final stages of the internship.

Technical Internship

What will you do?

Over 11 weeks, you will have the chance to work on live projects in collaboration with your peers which will help shape the technology we use to protect the UK from security threats such as terrorism and espionage. You'll have the support of experienced professionals and innovators who will guide you and help you build on your knowledge and expertise. You could be placed in one of three technical areas: Business Analysis, Covert Technical Operations or Software Engineering.

Who do we look for?

The internship is open to individuals who have a strong interest in technology and the drive to learn. You will need to be in your penultimate year of study at University and expecting at least a 2.2. degree (or equivalent) in a STEM-related subject.

Your future at MI5

On successful completion of your internship, there may be a full-time role here for you on our Technical Graduate Development Programme (TGDP) when you graduate.

To apply please see below or visit the jobs portal.

Technical Internship

If you have a passion for tech and are keen to learn, you could help us to really make a difference. You’ll grow your skills, meet top tech minds and work on projects you won’t find anywhere else. It’s work with real purpose. As part of a dedicated team, you’ll spend the summer keeping the country safe.

Software Engineering

If you have basic programming experience in any language, preferable in Java, C# .NET or JavaScript and a passion for solving problems using technology, you could help us to drive our investigations and intelligence collection operations forward.

Business Analysis

If you have a desire to solve problems, a logical approach and great communication skills (both verbally and written), you could help us build the technology that MI5 needs to keep the country safe today and tomorrow.

Information Architecture

If you have an interest in the ethical, sociological and political dimensions of the digital age and some understanding of how a computer system organises information, you could help us to make recommendations for how better to organise, distribute, protect and control information that supports our national security work.

Covert Technical Operations

If you are studying computer science, computer security, engineering, digital forensics or another similar subject, and have a good understanding of networking and operating systems, and an interest in security, forensics and/or penetration testing, you could help us deploy a wide range of advanced MI5 technical capability to enable intelligence collection in fast-paced and high profile investigations

You can’t tell your friends what you do which is a shame as some of the stuff is pretty cool


A career at MI5 is like no other.  Not only is it rewarding and unique but the variety here is like no-where else.  It is this variety that means most people stay at MI5 as they are able to fulfil all their career ambitions here without ever having to leave.  We are also committed to rewarding the people who work for us and demonstrating our appreciation for their vital contribution by offering an excellent range of benefits.  And due to the nature of our work it means you can’t take it home with you, so when you leave the office you really do leave your work behind you, providing you with an excellent work-life balance. Whatever role you perform, you will be directly contributing to keeping the country safe.

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MI5 has a crèche for baby spooks.

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