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Corporate roles at MI5

All organisations have corporate functions that ensure things run smoothly and effectively, and MI5 is no exception. The difference is that if you’re working for MI5, you’ll be helping to keep the country safe.

People with a range of vocational and professional qualifications work alongside our investigations and operational teams in corporate roles. Working here means using your skills in ways that you may not have done previously. You will be involved in projects that are unlike those elsewhere. Your job title may be similar to your current one, but the work will not be, and you will need to use your expertise in sometimes unusual ways and think about things differently. Many private sector professionals join us to advance their career path in a different way. Others join from the public sector to develop their skills in a more unusual environment.

Like all organisations we recruit for traditional corporate functions such as procurement, finance and human resources. Unlike other organisations, people working in these roles will have a direct impact on the work we do to keep the country safe. For some roles, we look for professional qualifications, whilst for others we focus on people skills and experience rather than qualifications. Joining one of our corporate teams doesn’t mean you have to stay in the same role throughout your MI5 career. If you want to move into an operational or investigative post, or into a completely different business area, this is entirely possible and we will fully support you in exploring this. The very nature of our work means that the job you do here will provide you with opportunities like nowhere else. So if you would like to challenge and develop your skills in a completely unique environment then why not join MI5?

The breadth of work and variety of roles means you’ll never be bored

Why join MI5?

A career at MI5 is like no other.  Not only is it rewarding and unique but the variety here is like no-where else.  It is this variety that means most people stay at MI5 as they are able to fulfil all their career ambitions here without ever having to leave.  We are also committed to rewarding the people who work for us and demonstrating our appreciation for their vital contribution by offering an excellent range of benefits.  And due to the nature of our work it means you can’t take it home with you, so when you leave the office you really do leave your work behind you, providing you with an excellent work-life balance. Whatever role you perform, you will be directly contributing to keeping the country safe.