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Work-Life Balance

Work-life balance at MI5

Due to the nature of the work that we do, a common misconception is that there is no work-life balance at MI5. It is true that there may be times when you need to work longer hours than usual, such as at crucial points during an investigation. However, in such circumstances, you will receive time off in lieu to ensure that you do not work excessive hours. It is also true that you are not allowed to take your work home with you, so when you leave the office, you really are leaving your work behind you.

Where possible, we offer a range of flexible working options to help you balance your personal and family commitments with your professional life.

  • Flexi-time – where there is no requirement to work set formal hours, flexi-time allows you to manage your contractually agreed hours with a degree of autonomy and flexibility.
  • Compressed hours – we offer compressed hours to those who want to work their usual full-time hours (36 hours) in fewer days, with no reduction in pay. For example, a five-day week can be compressed into four days, or you may work a nine-day fortnight.
  • Part-time working – we recognise that everyone has different commitments outside of work, which might include family or caring responsibilities. We will work with you to agree a pattern that enables you to fulfil both your home and working responsibilities.
  • Job share – this is an arrangement where a full-time post is divided into two part-time roles and the job holders share the overall duties and responsibilities.


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