How Does It Work?

We run a transparent recruitment process which varies according to the role. We don’t accept CVs unless required for a specific role. This is a 6 to 9 month process, as candidates have to go through a vetting procedure in addition to the recruitment process for the specific role they have applied for, due to the sensitive nature of our work. 

You may only submit one application at a time and before you apply, you must meet our eligibility criteria.

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MI5 Postings & CVs

The variety of jobs, outstanding team environment and rewarding nature of our work means MI5 is one of the few organisations that can still claim to offer a career for life. Should you join and later find yourself looking for a job outside MI5, you will benefit from a team of careers experts who can help tailor your CV and translate the skills you have developed into a format suitable for the wider working environment, whilst also protecting your cover.

In 2018 MI5’s attrition rate was 4.5%. This is lower than the civil service (12%) and the UK average (15%).

Just over 20% of all MI5 staff work a flexible job pattern

Over 40% of MI5 staff are female