Coding on a screen

Cyber Technical Analysts

MI5's Cyber Technical Analysts play a vital role in investigations against hostile actors conducting cyber espionage against the UK. The work is varied, and the impacts of their work are extremely rewarding. They carry out complex technical analysis, develop new capabilities and perform a unique technical investigator role in this varied and pivotal position.

Unique mission

The data and context of the Cyber Technical Analysts' work are unique to MI5. Within this role you will have the opportunity to work with very different data for a vital cause: keeping the country safe. It means you'll have real impact using exciting technologies. The culture of the team is to focus on the impacts of your work and the mission of working for MI5. To achieve this, you'll have the freedom to explore innovative ways of discovering malicious software, traffic or activity.


At MI5 we work with people to determine their individual needs, and then put the necessary training in place.  We recognise that everyone is at various stages in their careers, with different skill sets, so we tailor our training; accordingly, professional development is important to us. MI5 gives you the support and the training to develop into a subject matter expert for a technical specialism. There is also the potential to become a leading national expert on a particular cyber adversary.

The people, the tech, the purpose - it's so unique here.

Work/life balance

A common misconception is that there is no work-life balance at MI5, due to the nature of what we do. It is true that there may occasionally be times when you need to work longer hours than usual, such as the busy points of an investigation. But it’s also true that you’re not able to take your work home with you, so when you leave the office you really are leaving your work behind you.  

Do you spot what others don't?

Attention to detail is vital in this role. If you've been able to spot the hidden message on this page then you're on the right path. But even if you haven't we'll train you on all the analytical skills that you'll need. It's about bringing an inquisitive, open mind and a creative approach.

Case study

Cyber Technical Analysts

Before joining MI5, I worked really long hours and was always travelling to see clients. It meant that I didn't have much of a work/life balance and it started to take its toll. So, when I saw an online advert for MI5, I thought it would be a positive, interesting change - and applied.

When I started back in 2005 the internet looked very different, the challenges we face today just weren't there. The work we do is absolutely fascinating. It's both the most challenging and rewarding job I've ever had. Sometimes I have to pinch myself when we're using such cutting-edgA half closed laptope technologies and sharing ideas to solve a complex problem. I'm also given all the training I need to strengthen my skills, learning things I could only dream of.

Cyber Technical Analysts have to approach things creatively. We challenge assumptions, continually innovate, and delve into the unknown with enthusiasm. You get a lot of responsibility from day one, but with that comes flexibility in how you get the work done. 

The salary may not be life changing, but a career here definitely is. Several years ago, I left MI5 but quickly realised just how much having a job with real impact meant to me and so I came back to the team soon after. The people, the tech, the purpose - it's so unique here. Everyone works together to keep the country safe in an unpredictable world. That's quite something.