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Business Enablers

What this role has to offer

Business Enablers is a graduate campaign for roles within our corporate community. This is an opportunity for those who are looking for a rewarding career in corporate services and who want to use their skills to help keep the country safe.

Our Business Enablers develop a breadth of experience by undertaking a corporate role which typically lasts for 2-3 years. They collaborate with a diverse range of people from different business areas. Business Enablers can also go on to specialise in particular areas such as Finance, Legal, Information Management, HR, Project Management, Compliance, Recruitment, Policy, and Data Management. On joining, you will be placed in a corporate post for a minimum of 2 years. After that point, you will be able to apply for a range of different roles across MI5 or continue where you are. 

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Starting Salary


Our starting salary is £34,414, rising to £37,203 after the first year.

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Work Life Balance


We offer a range of flexible working options ranging from compressed hours to working from home arrangements (subject to business area approval).

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Varied Career

After a minimum of 2 years in your first role, you will have the option to move into one of a range of different business areas, or to specialise in an area that you find most interesting.

Stories from our Business Enablers

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What we are looking for

To apply, you'll need to have, or be expecting, a 2:2 degree (or higher) in any discipline or have work experience where you’ve developed the skills and qualities required for the role. It takes people from a variety of backgrounds to help us tackle the threats that we face and MI5 is committed to reflect the society we protect. For this reason, our Business Enablers come from all walks of life. What they share are strong organisational skills, an eye for detail, and the ability to work flexibly. Alongside this, you'll be good at building relationships with a variety of people and will be a strong communicator.

Application Process

We run a transparent process that can last between nine to twelve months, we've outlined below what you can expect during this process.

Application Stage

This involves eligibility, motivation, and competency application forms and a situational judgement test, that will ask you to make decisions regarding a number of work specific scenarios

Telephone Interview

The telephone interview will test your motivation and include some competency questions

Assessment Centre

This will consist of a motivation and competency interview, two role-plays and a written assessment

Final Selection Board

Following the assessment centre, you may be invited to attend a final selection board; this will be based on your performance throughout the process